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Mixed Martial Arts in Glen Burnie (just outside Baltimore)

Located just outside of Glen Burnie in Millersville/Severna Park near Baltimore, Club One Fitness is the only boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts gym in Maryland that provides the full array of equipment to properly train and/or compete in mixed martial arts.

Mixed martial arts attracts a lot of different kids of people Some of our members train for competitive mixed martial arts. Most are simply enjoy the art or are looking for improved means of self defense to protect yourself should you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Mixed martial arts is not only good training for competition, it is also the best self defense training that is being taught because it most mimics situations people encounter with aggression out in the real world.

Accordingly, Club One Fitness provieds a variety of mixed martial options for its members. Classes, private mixed martial arts lessons, and for those who are interested, sparring sessions (some train in mixed martial arts at Club One with significant contact). Club One provides the most experienced mixed martial arts instructors, nutrition advice and a state of the art fitness club that provides weight-lifting, fitness, running and yoga programs to be the best MMA fighter you can be.

Club One's mixed martial training teaches in the "the gentle art," providing easy to understand instruction that relies perfectly executed moves, not just raw force. Just as importantly for parents in our programs for younger children, our mixed martial arts instructors preach and teach safety in training and in real life applications.

Our MMA progams include: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, boxing, kickboxing, and kids MMA program.

It is worth repeating - again particuarly for parents - that our mixed martial arts program at Club One is both for people that want to train for the Ultimate Fighting Championship to people that just want to learn in a friendly, non-threatening environment.

     If you are interested in more information on our boxing or mixed martial arts programs, call Christen at 410-729-3900 or contact us on line.

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