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  • Our Boxing Program at Club One Fitness

     Club One Fitness has the most fully equipped state-of-the-art mixed martial arts and boxing gym in the state of Maryland. With an Olympic sized boxing ring, our health club has virtually every piece of boxing equipment known to man. We have created a great environment for men and women who wish to participate in either competitive boxing and kickboxing for sport or recreational boxing for fitness. The majority of our members fall into the latter category bboxingmarylnadecause people looking to fit fitness into their lives are finding in increasing numbers that boxing is a quick and efficient means of getting in great shape in a relatively short period of time. We also have a full service health club with the modern amenities of not usually associated with a boxing gym (at least not boxing gyms on the East Coast). The great thing about this is that some days, you may not want to throw a punch or break a sweat. If not, pick up a basketball, jump on a treadmill, lift some weights, or jump into a group exercise class. At Club One, you have a lot of weapons in your arsenal to get fit and stay fit even if boxing and mixed martial arts is not your primary focus.

     Our boxing area has absolutely everything - everything - you could ever want or need to get results as a boxer, either for pure fitness as, again, is the case with the majority of our members, or to further your amateur or professional career. Club One has its share of great boxers but mostly, our members are not looking to get hit but to avail themselves to the life changing fitness and stress relief boxing and kickboxing affords its disciples.

      If you would assistance with you training we have group boxing classes every day at no additional charge. We also have personal boxing trainers trainers that have experience and the passion to help you get where you want to go, be it gettting in and staying in shape or trying to take you boxing to a different level.

     Our boxing club welcomes people of all ages and skill levels who want fun, supportive environment in which to train. For all of the equipment, we think the best part of our boxing gym is that people of all skill levels feel comfortable. People just starting to box are made to feel very comfortable hitting a bag next to a professional boxer. Not many boxing gyms can make this claim. We can.  If you are interested in more information on our boxing program, call Christen at 410-729-3900 or contact us on line.



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