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Mixed marital arts are on the rise in Baltimore and all over the country over the last few years. The reason for this increase in popularity is not only because mixed martial arts is a great sport to watch, but because mixed martial arts provide lessons in confidence building (especially for kids and young adults) and self defense that are invaluable. With respect to the latter, you would much rather have mixed martial arts training if you were attacked on the street than you would boxing or karate experience because mixed martial arts mimics real life. Moreover, mixed martial arts are compatible with a healthier lifestyle all-round. Just as the mixed martial arts classes are fully comprehensiv, so too is the lifestyle, leading to discipline and a more health conscious attitude that helps you in and out of they gym.

For more on the details of the mixed martial arts program at Club One Fitness, click on this mixed martial arts link.

Club One also provides exposure (and free nightly classes) to boxing and other self defense disciplines. (If you have additional questions about the boxing program, contact us and we will be glad to discuss them with you. For a full overview of the Club One Fitness boxing program, click here.)

Question: Do you have mixed martial arts classes at Club One Fitness?

Answer: Yes! We have evening martial arts classes for both kids and adults. Our classes are usually 1 hour long. Our mixed martial arts classes are rigorous but not intimidating and you are able to go at your own pace and skill level.

Question: I love the idea of throwing punches. The idea of getting hit, less so! Can I take a mixed martial arts class at Club One without getting hit and still feel confortable and a part of the fun?

Answer: Yes. For many, the purpose of mixed marital arts is fitness and self defense. Contact is purely optional.

Maryland BoxingQuestion: I am woman. Will I fit in doing mixed martial arts with men?

Answer: Absolutely. We do not yet have all female mixed martial arts classes. But there are women in virtually every mixed martial arts class we have.

Question: Are there other things to do besides mixed martial arts at Club One?

Answer: Club One Fitness is a full health and fitness club that also happens to have the best mixed martial arts gym in Maryland. Club One has a full line of cardio and strength equipment, aerobics classes and other group exercise classes, a basketball court, and everything else you would expect from a full service fitness club. Mixed martial arts is just one component of what we do, we do it better than anyone else in Baltimore.

See also Contact Club One Fitness (write or call us if you have a question or comment about our boxing progams at Club One Fitness)



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