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     Club One Fitness is a full service fitness, mixed martial arts (MMA), and boxing club in Millersville, Maryland, less than one minute from I-97 (Benfield Road Exit), located at the virtual intersection of Millersville, Severna Park, and Glen Burnie. We are only a 10 minute drive from Baltimore City. We have affordable memberships and month-to-month contracts. If you join Club One before April 1, 2012, there no joining fee.

     Club One combines state-of-the-art exercise equipment with the best boxing gym in Maryland. There is no boxing facility in Maryland that rivals the boxing training weapons we have in our arsenal at Club One to make you the best boxer, kickboxer, or mixed martial arts fighter you can be. While you might be expecting such a club to be straight out of Rocky's gym in Rocky I, this is a super clean, state-of-the-art facility frequented by the best boxers in Maryland. (To see the club, check out this Washington Post profile, this HBO video, or watch this video.)

     It is also worth nothing that the people who box at Club One Fitness are nice people who are kind to and respect everyone in the gym. People who do not follow this rule are asked very kindly to leave Club One. This ensures that we have a group of nice people training to box as a career or just for fitness in a way that is comfortable to all, men and boys and girls and women of all ages.

     Club One Fitness is the best boxing club in Maryland but it is not all that we do well. In fact, most members do not come to box, they come because our club features the best and latest strength and cardiovascualar equipment you can find anywhere, basketball, fantastic group exercise, and a whole lot more. Again, the entire club has an incredibly enjoyable non-intimidating atmosphere where people who are working out in a health club for the first time feel eminently comfortable, as do people who have been working out for years.

     This is one of two websites maintained by Club One Fitness. To learn more about Club One Fitness, you can also visit our sister website by clicking here.  To see a video tour of Club One Fitness, click here. You can also check out our Severna Park Fitness and Health Blog which provides information on both the club and fitness news and issues.

    We hope you enjoy our websites and will stop by and visit our club to see for youself how special place Club One Fitness. Our members rave about the quality of a facility and the comfort of our environment. This site is designed to give you information about Club One Fitness' amenities, our services, our staff.

A Boxing Gym Inside a State-of-the-Art Fitness Club

Aero     Whatever you're looking for in a health and fitness regimen, you'll find it here. Our full service health club combines a full range of fitness and exercise equipment and facilities with professional personal trainers, personally tailored programs, and aerobics classes, boxing classes, mixed martial arts, kids programs,and other specality classes. You can access as many or as few of the organized programs as you choose while still having use of our extensive equipment. We also have the most complete white collar boxing gym and mixed martial arts facility in the state of Maryland for boxers and people who want to train like boxers. Click here to learn more about the program and to learn why more men and women who are time pressed professionals are turning to training like a boxer and a key resource in their exercise arsenal.

     Our club also provides a friendly, motivating and energizing environment for your workouts. We are beating this drum for the third time on this page but we cannot understate the importance of this because a health and fitness club with the greatest equipment in the world is useless to you if you do not feel at home when you come in the club to workout. The greatest separation between us and other fitness and boxing gyms is that with our staff and boxing coaches. Our members feel like a part of the Club One Family and it often gives them the inpetus to make the right choice on a given night between the gym and the sofa. You will feel comfortable at Club One's friendly environment that is filled with people just like you.

     At Club One Fitness, we understand the reality: few of us absolutely love to exercise and never get bored and tired of exercising. For most of us, there are a lot of other things we would rather do with our spare time. it is usually a painful chore and the word fun would never be uttered in the same breath as "exercise." But you have also read the Surgeon's General's report on exercise and understand that your quality of life suffers if you do no exercise regularly. Accordingly, one of the keys to maintaining fitness is find means to exercise as fun as it possibly can so you keep coming back for more. Our mission is simple: make Club One Fitness as fun and comfortable as possible so that you come to workout not only for the benefits of exercise, but because Club One is a comfortable place where you have a good time getting fit and working off some stress with nice people who care about an take an interest in you.

Weights      Club One Fitness is located off I-97, making it convenient for members who live/work in Baltimore, Annapolis, Millersville, Crownsville, Glen Burnie, Severna Park, Arnold and Severn. But people come to box and engage in mixed martial arts from as far away as D.C. and Virginia because there is not other club in the mid-Atlantic that has the boxing and mixed martial arts resources to train like a champion like Club One does.

     We are located in the Benfield Office Park. Instead of looking at cars, people and smoke in a shopping center, our club overlooks nothing but trees in a beautiful all brick office park. Come see the best fitness and health club in Anne Arundel County for yourself. Our address is:

Club One Fitness
1131 Benfield Boulevard
Suites M-Q
Millersville, Maryland, 21104

      Let us know what we can do to further your interest or provide more information to you about our club. The next step is to call, write or visit us today. You can contact us through or our Contact Form. You can also call us at 410-729-3900.




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