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We think the best way to explain the boxing program at Club One is through a questions and answers. If you have additional questions about the boxing program, contact us and we will be glad to discuss them with you. For a full overview of the Club One Fitness boxing program, click here.

Question: Do you have boxing classes at Club One Fitness?

Answer: Yes! We have between 2 and 4 classes every weekday at Club One Fitness. Click here for our boxing schedule. Our classes are usually 1 hour long. What you do in class depends on the skill level of the class. Our boxing classes are not intimidating. They are designed to help you improve from beginner who have never thrown a punch to more advanced boxers and, more immportantly for most, to get into better shape. Boxing burns a ton of calories for those of us who are trying to stay in shape on a limited time budget. As you can imagine, boxing at Club One is also a great stress reliever. You will find after a boxing class the the stresses you have been carrying all day have mysteriously disappeared!

Question: I love the idea of throwing punches. The idea of getting hit, less so! Can I take a boxing classes at Club One without getting hit and still feel confortable and a part of the fun?

Answer: We have hundreds of people training as boxers at Club One. The vast majority have never received a punch. We absolutely have full contact classes with sparring for those who are interested but the focus of Club One's boxing program is the wonderful cardiovascular exercise that you get and the stress that boxing relieves for every day people.

Maryland BoxingQuestion: I am woman. Will I fit in boxing with these men?

Answer: Absolutely. We have women in almost every class. Often, the majority of the class is women. With the release of movies like "Million Dollar Baby" and other female oriented boxing films, women and girls boxing has really taken off.

Question: Are there other things to do besides boxing at Club One?

Answer: Club One Fitness is a full health and fitness club that also happens to have the best white collar boxing gym in Maryland. Club One has a full line of cardio and strength equipment, aerobics classes and other group exercise classes, a basketball court, and everything else you would expect from a full service health club. Boxing is just one component of what we do, we just happen to do it better than anyone else in Maryland.



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