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Shadow Boxing  

     Walk into any boxing gym in the country and you will find your best boxers ? other for sport or for fitness ? shadow boxing.  Why is everyone sparring with themselves?  Besides the joys of not being hit, shadow boxing can provide a great cardiovascular workout that does not boring that gives you a great opportunity to improve your overall form.  Shadow boxing is an integral part of a good boxing workout, providing the opportunity to work on your technique and perfect your style.

     Some tips:

1.       Move!  Stay active. Breathe.  Throw single punches, punches in bunches, block punch, slip and move when you shadow bog.  It improves the cardio of the workout while also keeping it fun.

2.       Mix it up!  In addition to the suggestion in #1, mix it up occasionally when you shadow box. Use hand weights, use leg weights, suck your stomach in for intervals, fight left handed if you are right handed, anything to mix it up and keep it interesting for your mind and body.

3.       Imagination!  Actually fight someone.  Sure, he or she is invisible but this is why you have an imagination.  Have that mental picture or your opponent. See the punches coming at you, slip his/her punches and but land your own.  (You should win every shadow boxing bout!)
4.       Change pace if necessary.  If a specific punch combination or defensive maneuver is giving you trouble, remember in shadow boxing, it is your world.  Shadow box in slow motion to get the moves right before resuming your shadow boxing match. 

5.      Check yourself out. Unless you are in a ring (which is a great idea), use a mirror when you shadow box so you can see what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.

     Club One welcomes male and female boxers of all ages and skill levels who want fun, supportive environment in which to train. The best part of our boxing gym - even more important than our state-ofis that people of all skill levels feel comfortable. People just starting to box are made to feel very comfortable hitting the heavy bag next to a professional boxer. Not many boxing gyms can make this claim. Club One Fitness can.   If you are interested in more information on our boxing program, call Christen at 410-729-3900 or contact us on line.

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