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Sparring Question and Answer  

Q. What is sparring?

A. Sparring is boxing at 60% to simulate any upcoming competition. It allows the boxer to gage how ready they are for competition cardiovascularly as well as their current boxing skills.

Q. Can you spar at Club One Fitness?

A. Yes, members can spar with a certified boxing coach present to act as a referee.

Q. Who spars?

A. Amateur and professional boxers spar to practice. Sometimes amateurs and professionals spar each other. This challenges the amateur to perform better in competition. There are two types of sparring: all out sparring and situational sparring. All out sparring is, as it sounds, fighting with protection equipment two or three minute rounds for typicall three rounds. Situational sparring familiarizes with boxing situation in shorter more controlled bursts, usually working towards specific fundamental. Certainly, it is best to being sparring with latter technique and build you way into all out sparring.

Q. What equipment is needed to spar?

A. A mouth piece, head gear and a protective cup are needed to spar.

Q. When is a boxer ready to spar for the first time?

A. Two things: (1) You have to want to spar. Many people in the Club One Boxing Program never spar because they don't want to hit anyone or be hit. These folks do not spar. (2) A coach's judgment comes into play in determining when an individual is ready to begin sparring. Generally speaking, a boxer needs to know how to block and defend each of the four punches. This usually takes anywhere from 4 weeks to 3 months to master.

Q. How often is there sparring at Club One Fitness?

A. When a big tournament, like the Golden Gloves, is approaching, there is sparring almost everyday. On a more regular basis, sparring is done a couple nights a week.

Q. Is boxing the only sport that spars?

A. No, just about every martial art has something similar to sparring in boxing. It may be called something else, but it is essentially the act of practicing one's craft. For example, in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (also offered here at Club One Fitness), it is called rolling.

     Club One welcomes boxers of all ages and skill levels who want fun, supportive environment in which to train which includes, if you choose, sparring. The best part of our boxing gym - even more important than our facility and staff - is that people of all skill levels feel comfortable.   If you are interested in more information on our boxing program, call Christen at 410-729-3900 or contact us on line.



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