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Speed Bag Tips

The speed bag is a great weapon for a boxer to improve your punching skill, timing, rhythm, and conditioning. Here are some tips:

1. Bag height - the meat of the bad should line up with your mouth. Far too many people put the bag at eye level and above. of the bag should be close to your mouth or nose. Many people have it way too high, which leads to bad form or improper and ineffective punching technique.

2boxing in Maryland. With speed, crawl and then walk - for starters, make the speed bag the control bag by using short, compact strokes. You can do the Rocky thing at some point but for now, good boxing training requires not that you hit it fast but that you keep it going.

3. Keep you boxing power at bay - power is incredibly important part of boxing. But not for the sped bag. Focus on increasing speed as you gain control - not power.

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